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Paws 'N' Claws Dog Walking & Pet Services

We treat your pets like our own!

Puppy Care

In the early life of your puppy he is at his most inquisitive, getting him used to a different range of experiences i.e. noises,other animals and people can help him become a well adjusted adult dog. The more your puppy is socialised it can help him grow into a mature, sociable and confident dog.

Paws 'N' Claws can visit your puppy and can help with toilet training and get him into a routine quicker, and we can mop up any accidents!.

We can visit your puppy for feeding, playtime and toilet breaks for however amount of time required, which would help with early socialisation with humans.

Once his vaccinations are up to date you can make use of our puppy walking service which would help socialise him with the outside world.

Puppy Walking Service

Paws 'N' Claws are aware that over exercising a young dog can be damaging to their growing bones & muscles and we recommend no more than a 20 minute walk depending on breed & age.

Elderly Dogs

Dogs at different stages of life have specific care requirements based on the health issues that affect them. In general, aging and elderly dogs need a little bit of extra care than younger dogs.

When dogs get older, their organs and functions begin to slow down. Similarly, their hearing and eyesight may also be affected, meaning that dog owners should keep a closer watch on their dogs.

If your dog is getting on in their years or has health problems and cannot manage a walk Paws 'N' Claws can pop in and offer them a short stroll if appropriate or let them out into the garden for a toilet break.

Paws 'N' Claws can spend some quality time with them to break up their day. We will ensure there is a fresh supply of water and give a treat if appropriate.


We are able to give your pets oral medication and are also experienced in administering diabetic insulin injections.

Special Requirements

If you cannot see a service that meets with the level of care you require,

please contact us to arrange a service that meets with you and your pets needs.

Initial Consultation

To ensure you get the very best service Paws 'N' Claws will visit you and your pet at home to carry out a FREE initial consultation at a time to suit you. The initial consultation is to meet both you and your pet/s and ensure Paws 'n' Claws fully understand your service requirements.

To help us provide the utmost care for your pets we ask you to sign a pet care agreement. You are asked to have the following information available for the completion of the pet care agreement:

  • Emergency contact details

  • Insurance details (if applicable)
  • Microchip details (if applicable)
  • Evidence of up to date vaccinations (if applicable)
  • Confirmed registration with local vet along with wet contact details
  • Spare house keys (if not at home when service required)


We can retain your house keys and keep them secure, or you can chose to have them returned,in which case you would need to contact us on your return to make arrangements.If you choose to leave your keys with us, we can just be a telephone call away should any emergency situation arise. For added security your house keys are kept secure and do not contain any personal information.